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smoking break with your girl

Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed, watching DVDs and reconnecting with my vibrator, because that’s how classy people unwind, ok? Since I’ve been overwhelmed with schoolwork and in need of some serious release these past few weeks, I thought I’d to write a post about how to blow off some steam while keeping things hot! Truthfully, there’s nothing I want more after coming home from a tiring, stressful day than to have a sex slave positioned in my bed, tongue already out and ready to service me. I just want to lay back on a soft pillow, close my eyes, arch my back and let my slave bring me to orgasm after orgasm. Those are the days when I most love being tied down and muzzled—I don’t want to have to fill any expectations except to hand over my eager little body to be used as you see fit.But alas, sometimes we have to improvise. Here are the outlets I turn to when I’m feeling tense and craving that full body release: *Hot shower sex. With a partner, I love getting all soaped up and ready for some doggy-style—my favorite shower position. I grip the showerhead and press my face against the wall… there’s something about the feeling of that cool wet tile as my partner rams me from behind and the hot water scalds my back… it’s the perfect way to feel clean and dirty at the same time! When I’m alone I like to suction-cup my dildo to the faucet spout and ride it over and over. With some water-resistant silicone lube and a waterproof vibrator, I have all I need! It’s no wonder my roommate always complains about the water bill. *Tantric sex: all that deep breathing is sure to clear your head. You don’t even have to know the basics to get your feet wet, just take things slowly, inhale and exhale deeply, and do all you can to meditate at the brink of orgasm. Ambitious positions provide a good stretch, and afterwards you feel as peaceful as all those fools who just spent hours at the yoga studio. *Boxing, wrestling, fist fighting… I love any contact sport that leaves me with sore muscles and a few suggestive bruises. I just put on my booty shorts and a tank top and start a fight; sometimes my partner doesn’t even know my intentions until we’re drenched in sweat and I’ve got him pinned to the floor in victory! *Happy endings. Did I ever tell you I’m trained as a masseuse? I’m trained as a masseuse! With my small size I usually have to straddle the person I’m massaging anyways, and I love being able to follow the pleasure wherever it takes me. Long open palmed strokes, quick gentle squeezes, my soft oil-slick hands always know exactly what they’re doing. *. Let me coax you into a fantasy world with my smooth, calming voice on a relaxation phone sex call. Let me help you leave behind your powerful job and submit to a powerful woman. Cancel your weekend plans and get ready for some seriously sexy R&R.