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Lady Lilith's Financial Domination

I am a powerful and evil temptress that left the Garden of Eden so you imbecile slaves could worship the very ground that I walk on. I am a supreme, divine spiritual being way above yourself. I arouse desire in men but also threaten them with my power. I am an unobtainable beauty filled with that powerful energy. I am the Queen of your darkness - Goddess of female sexuality & independence - and all the dark beauty that lies within it. She is your subconscious, that part of you that is most animal like, defiant, uncivilized, passionate, and basically natural. She is sex. She is everything that our (screwed-up) society frowns upon; a society that has been taught for thousands of years to suppress everything within us that is most natural and enjoyable. Men fear Lilith because she knows the power of her sexuality and she knows that her sexuality has power over men. She is female defiance and strength. She holds the ancient fruit of knowledge, the secrets of our deepest sexual nature, and she is willing to offer this fruit to you - if you obey. Never underestimate her because you were placed here to serve LILITH. She is your religion, your daily need. She will slither her way into your minds like the Serpent in the Garden. Remember she deserves all of your offerings & tributes. You depend on and need Lilith. You must pay a tribute to your superior temptress first before you are even acknowledged. Her time is highly valuable.