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There is something about my voice...

There is Something Very Special About My Voice...

So you're a fan of erotic hypnosis. And findom.

Your wife doesn't understand you. You need one person in the world to truly understand your mind.

You're sort of scared to let someone in your head, but it's a little late for you now. I'm there now.

I know how it is. I know someone can't walk away from this.

You see, I know you better than you know yourself.

You know you want to help me any way you can. It's like having a purpose for being here. It's a new feeling you've never experienced before.

You have found the new owner of your mind. You find it amazing. You feel the need to thank me. You are overwhelmed with gratitude.

Hypnosis can shape your mind into what I suggest.

You've been carrying this feeling with you for so long: Somewhere out there is what you need, but you hadn't found it yet. Maybe almost, maybe not remotely. Until now.

Because it seemed like there are lots of hypnotists out there, most of them doing things that feel neither especially erotic or hypnotic to you.

So you were still looking. Until now.

What you've found is that financial dommes are like hypnotists. Some have the skills to wrap you around their little finger and make you obey. And some don't seem to have what you need.

I do.

If you are into erotic hypnosis and being in the control of a woman, if you like the idea of cumming on command, if you are excited and aroused by the idea of paying women more...

I can make you cum when you tribute Me.

You read that right. Putting money in your account to pay me will feel really good. Even thinking about it will feel good. Just imagine how it will feel to really do it. You will beg me to let you tribute me. Each time you tribute me you will feel even better. And finally tributing Me will make you cum.

The most amazing orgasm of your life. As never before. Experience it to understand how real it is.

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