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Dominance with utter soophistication

Before we get into this. I will highlight one thing. I am not cute or sweet or fucking precious. Don't call me it and don't associate these things with me. I will come down on you like a fucking hurricane and fuck your shit up. Cute is banned from your vocabulary from this point. Those that refer to me as such will be slut shamed on every fetish site known to man. Good now we have that out of the way ill tell you a little more about me. I may look like a kitten but I'm as ferocious as a jaguar on heat. I'm rude, Obnoxious, arrogant and merciless. Fuck with me and expect to get burn. I'm greedy. I love and live money. The feel of it, the smell of it, everything to do with it captivates me. So if you want to keep me happy give me all you got. £££ lots too, £100 pounds means nothing but change in my purse and won't do at all. I never do things by half measure. I am the very essence of granduer and expanse. I have expensive taste and a fast lifestyle being a London girl and all. I expect the upmost respect unless you want to cause a full blown bitch fit coming your way. If you want my time then you'll have to earn it. There is wide competition for my attention. Sick? Twisted? I know aren't I brilliant.