Phone Sex

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Do you have a teeny dick? HAHAHHAHA

OMG. I had no idea that there were so many losers out there with tiny dicks until I started taking calls here. Who knew that small penis humiliation phone sex would be such a big (pun intended) thing? Well, I for one am glad that tiny dicks exist because there is nothing that makes me happier than laughing at one of your losers while you try to explain to me that just because you have a small dick doesn’t mean that you can’t please a woman. You usually tell me that you have a tongue and you’re really good at eating pussy, but let me tell you something, shrimpy. A tongue can only go so far. Women need dick, not just a tongue. We can get that anywhere. But a real man with a really huge dick is hard to come by and your tiny nub just isn’t going to cut it.

Who knows what I’ll do with you when you call me for small penis humiliation. Maybe I’ll just verbally degrade and humiliate you until you cry. That’s always so much fun. Or maybe I’ll tell you how I’d make you wrap your mouth around a REAL dick… perhaps a big black cock. I guess you’re just going to have to call and find out exactly what kind of humiliation you are in for.

I get asked this a lot, so I decided to just put it here. I DO NOT DO CAM. This is a phone only listing!