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Bored Housewife. Hubby is gone. Come Play!

Hi! My name is Fiona...and I am a sex addict

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This is me. I had sex shortly after this picture was taken. Before too. Hell I probably was cumming while taking it.

It's true. I always have sex on my mind. All kinds of sex. Infact, I am horny right now! You see, I work at a gym and every day I watch sexy girls running on the treadmills. Their tits bouncing up and down. I just want to suck them so bad. I'm not even a lesbian! Though, I do like to play with girls...

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These are my tits. Like 'em?

What I really like to play with though...Are nice hard cocks. I will take a dick over a pussy any day! And that's why I am so hot and bothered right now. I saw you working out. Your muscles rippling, your body getting covered in salty sweat. I got so turned on! I wanted so bad to walk over to you, feel your hand cup my tit and squeeze hard. I wanted you to bend me over the equipment and fuck me right then and there. I don't care who would have seen. Maybe we could have gotten them to join in! My pussy got so wet thinking about you... I had to sneak into the locker room and play with myself!

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Seriously. You should see my work panties one day. It looks like I mopped up a flood with them.

Don't leave me frustrated baby! Give me a call and let's get off together! I am the type of girl that will try anything... atleast twice! If I didn't like it the first time, I have to try it again to make sure I didn't like it. I find that things grow on me.

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Especially cocks. They grow very quickly on me. I bet if I unzipped this a little more yours would be growing too

Fantasy sharing, Role Play, Oral, Anal, Domination, Feminization, Fetish, Bi, Erotic Story telling and anything else that comes to mind! The dirtier and kinkier the better! I really do love it all!

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