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Uber bratty money Mistress. Fuck you, PAY ME

mean mistress
small penis humiliation

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Fuck you dickseed. I go through life with everyone kissing My PERFECT ass, and I expect no less from you. I'm a bitch! I'm rude, I'm cutsie-evil, I'm aggressive and my place in life is to show losers that they rank at the very bottom of the pecking order.

You, are nothing. You are whatever is in your bank account. That money is mine, biatch! I don't care if you go broke, fuck you. And fuck your wifey and as well. She will go without, so my perfect teen ass can have WHATEVER it wants.

Quite frankly, you'll take whatever abuse I give, just because I make those puny little dicksticks stir. You are stupid anyways, but those things make you even more moronic when they start filling up. You can't help but drool at my hot tight ass and my young, pert titties. YOU TOTALLY LUST AFTER ME, YOU TOTALLY WANT ME AS YOUR bitchy teen Mistress. But to get anywhere near my world, you have to suffer my abuse. I am SOOOOO your naughty ADDICTION. It's tooooo funny exploiting your addiction to MY BRATTY PERFECTION.

You can't help but fall to your knees when I force your surrender to my bitchy control. You are a doormat, and I will walk all over you and treat you like something I scrape off of my expensive shoes.

What you can expect when you ring:

From the moment I answer you will get MY gloriously haughty, obnoxious, BRATTY and GREEDY attitude. I view you as little more than a walking wallet and I KNOW I am more than entitled to everything in it. Your financial destruction is MY BIRTH RIGHT. I love to laugh.... and it will be at your expense. I will quickly find out just how much worth you have in my world, and fuck you over with it. I will exploit your weakness and take everything you got. Best part is, I will laugh at you whilst I take it all.

I WILL own your ass. I WILL take whatever I want. You WILL suffer for me, and I WILL make you my money bitch.

Submit to me NOW, dumbass.

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