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Miss Mallory

Hypnotic Female Dominance // Cruel Cerebral Kink

Smart. Experienced. Intimate. Cruel.

I’m a real life, real time Femdom and Female Supremacist. Dominance comes very naturally to Me and it is something that is more of an orientation, than a kink. You are here, perhaps, because you have time and time again searched for someone who understands the urges within you... Urges inside you that you can't even fully comprehend yourself. With My Divine Guidance, you can untangle these desires and begin to feel the satisfaction and fulfillment that you've always known you NEED. I am not going to just tell you what you want to hear but instead... I am going to take the time to slowly… methodically… get under your skin... and in your head.

I’m going to undo whatever hangups you think you have and teach you how to fully accept the fact that DEEP down INSIDE, you want to serve… obey… and be HUMILIATED by an intelligent and powerful Woman. My interests center around emotional and psychological humiliation of the males that I talk to. I’m not in any hurry to somehow sell you some fantasy. Only call Me when you KNOW… REALIZE… that you ABSOLUTELY NEED Female Supremacy in your life.

Once you’re tired of dealing with the all the other fantasy merchants and you’re ready to COMPLETELY surrender… COMPLETELY give over yourself… Experience TOTAL weakness, not just sexually, but emotionally, mentally, and physically… THEN… and ONLY THEN, should you call Me. I am not a game player, I am not a fantasy maker, I am a REAL Lifestyle Female Supremacist… Make SURE that’s what you both KNOW you NEED and CRAVE before you call Me.

Basically, you already KNOW that you’re a sissy, that you’re a beta male, that you’re a submissive who CRAVES a Powerful, Dominant, Intelligent Woman in your life… every minute that you do not call Me is a minute that you’re wasting your life and avoiding what it is you know you REALLY NEED. So. Stop denying the truth to yourself, accept the fact that you will NEVER BE COMPLETE without a Powerful Dominant Woman in your life and call Me RIGHT NOW. It’s been too long already.

I have a vast and wide experience in cuckolding… this isn’t just a fantasy for Me, I have cuckolded every boyfriend I’ve ever been with… I’m happy to tell you the story… or even make you a part of it if you’re lucky…

There are many ways to break a man, and emasculation comes in many forms, but one of My FAVORITE things to do is to take that little dick between your legs and lock it in a cage… put you in some pretty panties... and then laugh, mock, and USE the power I have over you… to TORTURE you relentlessly…

The minute you start speaking to Me… the minute you hear My voice… you will KNOW that you’re speaking to someone with the ability to get INSIDE your head. you will know from the first word I utter to you that you’re completely … utterly … under My spell. Once I speak with you, there is no ESCAPE… there is no freedom… you are hopelessly, helplessly, hypnotically ADDICTED. Call Me one time, and when you do… KNOW that this is the last moment of freedom you will ever experience.

If you’re interested in a different way to serve, suffer, and satisfy Me… don’t hesitate to tell Me about what puts you in that special place that no other Woman has been able to take you to.