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Lady Haize

Haizel Speyez has arrived and She wants your soul!

Hello My Pet,

I am Suffolk's Sensual Sadist and FinDomme Princess, Haizel Speyez.

Welcome to My domain. I've been sent to give you what you've been missing in your life.

Since you have so willingly wondered into my den, I can only deduct that you've finally accepted that there is only one woman sensual enough, sexy enough, strong enough and sadistic enough to give you the life of servitude that you deserve.

You have secret desires, don't you? Dark and dangerous in nature and you just can't help but to fantasize about all the perverted and slutty things that you'd like to try. Maybe you need to vent and just can't find anyone that will understand all the dirty desires that you have. Maybe you are the president of your company, but you like wearing women's pantyhose. Maybe you are a bodybuilder that loves to lift weights...with you balls. Maybe you are just a stressed-out blue collar worker and you need to get some shit off your chest because you stupid bitch of a wife doesn't understand you.

I do, My pet...I understand you perfectly. But make no mistake, though I like a man that knows who he is, you'd better UNDERSTAND who I AM...I am the Ebony Goddess that will lead you around by your leash and allow you to release your inner bitch.

I am:

  • a 5 ft 5in, 175lb bundle of sexy sadistic sunshine.
  • My lips are luscious and you'll crave the feel of them on you...anywhere!
  • My eyez are dreamy pools of love and adoration that you'll be lured and enslaved by.
  • My nipples are like candy buttons that you'll want to lick and love on.
  • My ass is perfection and you will want to sink your pathetic cock deep into it.
  • My legs are a mile long highway on the road to the most heavenly, pretty, pink pussy this side of the Earth!
  • Lady Haize is the answer to your prayers. The ones you have of finding a Goddess that compels you to live for My delight! I am your balance. I am your tether to reality. I'll purify your soul with My torment of your flesh. I understands that pain is just weakness leaving the body, therefor the more pain I inflict, the more weakness I can vanquish from the world one adorably pathetic, moronic looser at a time. This Lady, this Goddess has arrived just in time to save you from yourself and your reckless decision to live for anything other than the complete and total bliss of being My bitch!

    Do you have what it takes to look upon My gaze

    Like a little mild CBT