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Ms Victoria

Why, yes, I AM a Money Grubbing BITCH!

Five Star Free Image HostingHello My New and Older Slaves and Followers, My name is Ms Victoria, or Mistress as many call Me. I am a mature Mistress, a MILF - one of which boys and men alike follow, worship and be disciplined.
As an experienced Mistress, I know a thing or two about taking money. Women like me are a rare breed. Sure, all women love money and we want to marry that one rich guy. But it takes a woman with knowledge and experience to extract that money right out of your wallet.
What do men work for anyway? Do you think it’s for you? Men make money to attract women and to get sex and the attention of women. But maybe you don’t have the capacity to attract women in a sexual way, or any way, except to give money.

Oh you poor wretched loser, but, Ms Victoria is here to suck your wallet dry. Don’t you understand you were here for my whims and to pay for everything? Need incentive - like blackmail? I will get all the information I need. What about making drink a little too much so you just pay, pay, pay? Let’s do it. Come on pay piggy. Just click the fucking tribute button.

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