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I want you to tell me your secrets. The dirty little things you feel that you can’t share with anyone. Not your co-workers, not your best friend, not your wife, and not even your girlfriend.

These secrets are so deep and dark, you don’t even bring them up at confession, do you? What would your friend, your wife, or your priest say, if they knew? What would they think of you? What would they do?

It’s not that you don’t *want* to tell someone…some days you fantasize of getting on the subway and telling everyone around you all those nasty thoughts you have.

Or stand up in a meeting and work, and begin with “Hi, my names _____, and I’m a perv…” Of course it wouldn’t end there, would it? You’d want to go into minute, excrutiating detail. Kind of like office therapy. Too bad it would get you fired before you even got to the really good parts. *g*

But you know what? There *is* somebody you can tell. Someone you can lay out all your perverted nasty fantasies to. Someone that will either understand and sympathize, or laugh and tell you yep, you *are* a total perv. *lol*

I happen to be that someone. I’ve had lots of dealings with pervs like you, and I know just how to handle your sick and twisted fantasies. (I often take them to the next level because it’s possible I have a bit of perv in me myself.)

When you just can’t hold back any longer; when you NEED to tell someone, but there’s no one to tell…well, there is now! Call me, talk dirty to me.

You know you want to…

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