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Getting to the exact nature of your fetish....

I started off as a pro Domme, when I was 18 and have discovered that life is definitely a journey and not a destination. I was always a tom boy and I found that in the dungeon there was no room for one. I was allowed to do simple things like clean up after a session or to put makeup on the sissy's when they came through the house. As I began to feminize men I began to become more feminine myself. Through encouragement of my trainer/Mistress I was led to see that I was somewhat submissive and went down the road of switching and then becoming a sub and then a slave. At first I felt out of place in this role but eventually came to love it. I found myself craving, slipping in and out of sub-space or constant arousal, not sure what was real and what was fantasy. Life happens. At 25 I became vanilla, for several years pursuing my dream of makeup artist. A marriage to a husband that failed. When I think of who I am and the experience I have to offer it is often the memories of a really great scene that allure me to the realm of BDSM again. At the age the of 35 I saw the light flickering in the distance. I followed my path of resistance, forward and back rocking in the disaster of Velcro Masters. I have come to realize I can wear no mans collar. I seek deep connections to the ones that I make with my Dom's and my subs. I remember loving to play and regret ever leaving. I gave up a certain amount of power I had over my personal freedom when I denied myself the true nature of who I am. I discovered in my hiatus that I am not dominant more or submissive less. I am Switch, pure and simple. I love to be in control or give up control depending on the person I am playing with and the dynamics of the experience we wish to create. I am not your typical gal. I demand respect and treat others with the same integrity. Trust is earned. You can be a diamond in the rough with a ton of potential...don't worry, I will judge you. I will be honest. I will combine knowledge and experience to create a space for growth and humility in the training you are about to embark upon. I have a fetish for fetish. It intrigues me to discover what rocks your socks off. My kinks include bondage, discipline, humiliation, subtle mind games, predicaments, CBT, cross dressing/forced femm, nipple torture and body worship. I can accommodate you up to certain levels but not to extremes. There are things I just won’t engage in because I am a bit of a prude. Let us cause minor friction in the universe through S & M. I absolutely love it!