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Jessica Divine

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I am the Goddess you dream about; the Woman you long to dedicate your whole existence to. The moment you walk through My door and gaze upon My superior beauty; you will be humbled immediately and brought to your knees in quivering anticipation. You will relinquish control with a hungering passion, yearning to be subjected to My whims of sadistic torments or endless teasing. I will take pity on your pleas for mercy, but not before I hear you beg and scream first. I prefer true sub missives that long to be at the feet of a beautiful Goddess such as Myself. Subspace/exhilaration/well-being can only be found when complete trust and surrender has been given to Me. I may stand at a petite 5 ft 5 in tall barefoot; but don't be fooled, My presence will be felt in every inch of the room. It will engulf you from head-to-toe, inside-and-out; there is no escaping your destiny when with Me, as trust in Me will set you free.

I have always known that there was a special power about me that made most weak in the knees. I love using that to my advantage and enjoying all aspects of the power struggle. I am a very creative and talented individual who finds fulfillment in toying with the high-powered man in control of his daily life who yearns to submit mentally, emotionally and physically to me; someone whom he's idealized his whole life and didn't know she actually existed...

Come here Puppy! I want you on your knees, sitting in the corner and waiting to pay for my approval. Take a peak at my new pics so I can spank you with whip and punish you into submission.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the finest of them all.... These are 9 high quality pictures. Im on a 4-wheeler in the woods admiring myself while my bitch boi takes pictures. Look for a lip to leak out at the end! :) hahaha

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So many hot angles of my bodacious ass in jean shorts, getting dirty in the woods, and riding four wheelers. How eager are you to see more? My loyal little puppy's get rewarded for good behavior.

I love being treated like the Goddess I am and being cruel in return. I am considered a natural beauty, the combination of my statuesque physique, creative talents and intelligence commands worship. I have the confidence and positivity that inspires many, all with an outward appearance of elegance and an inner sadistic streak.

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As one of the top Dom’s, I invite you to give me a call so we can discuss the importance of many BDSM topics that are of interest to you and myself, as well as getting deeper into the mindset that will help you understand a truly incredible journey. Calling me will be different in that once you read these words, you'll be so drawn to hear just who writes them... to see if my voice is just as powerful as my prose or my eyes... Once I decide to take over, there is no turning back....

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