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Anti-Spam Policy

NiteFlirt strictly enforces and requires that all Members comply with this Anti-Spam Policy.

What is spam?
"Spam" is unsolicited email messages including commercial email, bulk email and junk email sent to individuals who have not given their consent to receive such messages, who have not requested information contained in such messages and who have no prior professional or personal relationship with the sender. Spam also includes Usenet and message board messages, which are unrelated to the topic of discussion of the particular news group or message board.

No Spamming.
You should not send Spam about NiteFlirt or a Flirt Services to people whom you do not know. Please refer NiteFlirt to friends, family and people you do know. You should not send Mail to members who are not on your My Customers list.

To whom can I send messages using Mail?
As a Flirt, you can send Mail to everyone on your My Customers list. You may not send unsolicited Mail messages of any kind to Members with whom you have not had prior contact or to Members who have not given you permission to send them advertising or solicitation materials; NiteFlirt considers this to be spam. If a Member is on your My Customers list and requests that you do not send such messages, you agree to respect the wishes of that Member and not to send any messages to that Member.

What's the best way to refer people to NiteFlirt?
The easiest way to refer people to NiteFlirt is to write your own short message explaining NiteFlirt and send it via email to your friends, family and other people you know. If you're an Advisor, you can also refer people to NiteFlirt using our Send Offers tool. Find out more about this in My Account. If you choose to use the Send Offers tools, you agree that you will do not use these options to send Spam. You can also send messages to anyone you know who might like to sign up for NiteFlirt, however you may only send messages to people with whom you have a prior professional or personal relationship, such as friends, family, online buddies, business associates and colleagues.

Can I post a message about NiteFlirt to Usenet groups or in chat rooms?
You may post messages about NiteFlirt to any group who welcomes such messages, such as groups that discuss topics relating to giving advice or earning money online. However, please adhere to our Member Agreement and do not post unsolicited messages about NiteFlirt on Usenet groups, on message boards or in chat rooms or on other Internet sites in a manner that could be construed as Spam. This Anti-Spam Policy does not apply to the practices of any companies or individuals that NiteFlirt does not control, or any third-party websites that you visit as a result of using the Flirt Services. You should use caution and review and comply with the terms and conditions of use relating to such third-party Usenet groups, message boards, chat rooms or websites.

What if I believe I was spammed by a Member?
Please contact us, by filling out a Customer Support Form and selecting "Play Fair Inquiry" from the drop down menu. Please send the full text of the message you received and the name of the Member who sent the message. We will contact the person whom you believe sent you Spam and investigate further.

What happens to people who send spam messages about NiteFlirt?
If notified, NiteFlirt will investigate the messages. NiteFlirt reserves the right to warn, suspend or terminate a Member account which it determines, in its sole discretion, is transmitting or is otherwise connected with Spam.

As a Member, you agree to only use NiteFlirt and a Flirt Services for authorized and lawful purposes, consistent with all applicable laws and regulations and the rights of others, and agree not to use NiteFlirt and the Flirt Services in order to transmit or process content in violation of any applicable law or regulation, including without limitation laws relating to unsolicited email, anti-spam laws, and export or encryption laws or regulations. This Anti-Spam Policy forms part of the Member Agreement and is incorporated by reference therein. Capitalized terms not defined herein will have the meanings set forth in the Member Agreement and related policies.