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TouchOfClass has been a member since 10/07/2003

Some Background:
I am in my early 40s, bright, articulate, and a great conversationalist. I am kind & nurturing, but also no-nonsense & assertive. I am more the "sexy librarian type" than the glitzy porn star type. Despite having a girl-next-door appearance, I am an alpha woman with a very sexy, dominant side. And I LOVE to put you in your place:-) It is often this dichotomy that intrigues and inspires the men who are attracted to me. If we are a good fit, you will likely appreciate extended conversations that are intelligent, natural, authentic, spontaneous, un-scripted, and interactive! I love to be the person with whom you share some of your deepest, darkest secrets, and I make a very trustworthy confidante.

I am a veteran on Niteflirt, yet I continually find ways to keep the experience fresh and engaging. When you call me, you get the benefit of both my experience and enthusiasm for what I do. Over time, I've learned it’s important to focus on what you love and let the rest fall away. After all, if it isn't fun, why do it? I regularly update my listings as my interests evolve. You can be sure if I've mentioned something in my listings, I genuinely enjoy it, versus having put it down because it's a good search term.

Some of my favorite erotic topics:
-Sensual, dominant female. Queen, Mistress, Goddess, Cuckoldress, depending on our chemistry. Female-led relationships. Obedient men. Men who understand that what their dominant woman wants always comes first.

-Tease and denial. While most men want to cum eventually, I take a special pleasure in denying men who want to be fully controlled. I love to leave these men with very blue balls:-) If you eventually want to cum, that's okay too. Just know that I prefer you to wait to touch yourself, to ask for permission before stroking, and eventually to ask for permission before cumming. I LOVE keeping you teetering on the edge for a long time:-)

-Chastity/me as your Keyholder. Oh, how I love the control that comes along with keeping you in a chastity device! Locking and unlocking you according to my whims, regulating your stroking, cumming, milking...I am happy to help you take this as far as you are willing to go. Depending on your personal situation, chastity may include an actual device, or the honor system, and may extend from a few hours to several months.

-Cuckolding. Preparing me for my lover (shopping, picking out my lingerie, stockings, shoes, bathing me and more), watching him make love to me (with or without a chastity device on), waiting in the next room (while listening to the sounds of him fucking me), waiting at home while I am out with my lover, imagining what we are doing, wondering when I will return home and whether or how much I will tell you about our adventures...At its heart, cuckolding is about the cuckoldress getting exactly what she wants; the cuckold's satisfaction is derived primarily from her pleasure and fulfillment.

-CEI (Cum-eating instructions). I love men who love to eat cum. Whether you are a novice (and would love to be coached to eat yours for the first time) or already an enthusiastic cum-eater, know that I have the experience to support and encourage you.

-SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) A relatively new interest, I've discovered I love discussing size, and teasing about your lack of it. How small are you? How do you compare with other cocks I've experienced? This play can be hot whether or not you are super tiny. There is always going to be someone who is better equipped than you, with a longer, thicker and more satisfying cock. Exploring the themes of adequacy and inadequacy can be very psychologically powerful.

My Ideal Fit: An Alpha Male with an Under-served Submissive Side
I tend to attract attorneys, engineers, business owners, and executives, who are successful, schedule-oriented "alpha males" with an under-served submissive side.

You are welcome to send an email before calling. However, keep in mind, I get a lot of email and prioritize responding to messages that are thoughtful, intelligent, and respectful. Also, be aware that I spend relatively little time "tethered" to technology, so it's best if you want to reach me and see me available to just pick up the phone and call.