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Looking for Madame Butterfly White Boy? Didn't you know she killed herself? Or maybe some sweet little submissive asain babe who make "nicee nicee cock Joe - Me your little Geisha girl - lick your yummee cock mister?"

Sorry Fuck Head. I am your worst nightmare. I am BETTER than you, SMARTER than you, more AMERICAN than you, BETTER EDUCATED than you. I am your SUPERIOR in ALL WAYS and you will NEVER, as long as your pathetic so called life is lived, EVER be able to touch someone as BEAUTIFUL as I am.

The ONLY thing I will ever allow you is to Worship this beautiful Asian Princess. You will never turn me on - YOUR little cock is WORTHLESS just like the rest of you. Maybe you can touch that little weenie while I laugh at you - but cumming in my presence will COST YOU EXTRA.

Come on you stupid rice queen. You know you want these lucious titties. You want to call me up so I can tease you about what you can't have - sex with women. You WANT to give me your money, because paying women to pay attention to you is the only happiness you can get out of life.

If you are PARTICULARLY STUPID and PATHETIC you can tell me all your secrets. You can believe this is a fantasy, and that I wouldn't reallly BLACKMAIL your sorry ass. You can give me the name of your wife - your boss - your priest. Because you know I would never reveal what a cocksucking loser faggot you are. Unless, of course, I get bored and want to fuck up your life.

You can also open my paid emails because you are a moron. Sometimes, there might be something in them. Most times, there won't be. Because I don't respect you - I don't like you - and all I want is your cash. Don't open them, and I will block your sorry ass.

Call me and Listen to me tell you about all the WOMEN I get to fuck (unlike you) - all the PUSSY I get to eat (unlike you) - and the OCCASIONAL REAL MAN I might fuck (I guess we have that in common, you little cocksucker).

The reason I will tell you these things is simply stated, to torture and tease you. Because I KNOW that even if you DO have a Dick - you will NEVER EVER GET TO HAVE SEX WITH A REAL WOMAN. THE ONLY THING A REAL WOMAN WOULD WANT FROM YOU IS YOUR CASH AND YOUR ABJECT AND PROFOUND HUMILIATION.

You are a sorry assed loser. You are only good for paying me money, telling me how beautiful I am, and wanking your pathetic ugly dick. I hold you in utter and complete contempt - as does every other person you have ever met.

You exist solely for my amusement. If I tell you to stick your head in the toilet and sing the itsy bitsy spider - YOU WILL. If I tell you to turn on your webcam and prance around in your wifes underwear, you will. If I tell you to find a cock and suck it - you will. And do you know why? Your only job, in this life - is to amuse me and pay me for it. Bore me - and I will hang up on your loser fat ass faster than you can say "may I kiss your feet princess".

Call me now LOSER.

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