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In ancient temple cultures the women were the Priestesses. They were knownto be the creators of life and therefore seen as God essence sent from the Heavens to Earth to be holy, and captivating, guardians of the Celestial secrets. These Goddesses were revered as natural healers and were sought after for their powers and their gifts. Perhaps this is why, even today, men are so enchanted and moonstruck by the beauty of women. Especially those  seemingly immortal beauties who have managed to reclaim and embody the Goddess energy which is every woman's birthright. In ancient times, Priestesses were brought to the temple just before puberty. They were taught by older women about the unique nature of female sexuality and how to use sex energy to heal. By invoking the highest form of Goddess energy the Priestess learned to master all the sacred arts, including love, lust, ritual, healing, magic, sex, Eros and spiritual practice. The Priestess knew that spiritual experiences were often caused or enhanced by a quality of sexual energy that can be directed and multiplied through the entire body.  Temple Goddesses would initiate young men in rites of sexuality and teach worthy students how to access Heavenly realms blissfulness through the gateways of her body. She would also rejuvenate older men and fill them with new excited joy about love and life. If a man were traumatized in war or other misfortune the Goddess could wash away his anguish with sacred waters and restore sanity to his mind, purity to his heart, and love to his once weary body. In these ancient times, there was virtually no abuse. Guilt, fear, and shame were completely unheard of because the Spirit of the Goddess was free, and her teachings reigned True.