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I do it because I can, I do it because I know that the only way is my way and you were put here to serve me. I know how horrible it is to sit at that lonley desk at that office of yours, and not know your place. I offer you compassion by putting you in your place, below my feet and kissing my ass. You think you offer your servitute, I give you meaning to your sad little life. That little thing between you legs means nothing, without devotion. I do not hate you, your not worthy to hate. You only wish for my attention. I laugh at you!!! It's truly amusing to see you sqirm. Show your worth something and admit your worth nothing without me and that's a start to your new life of meaning.
Look at you. Going to places to catch a glimpse of MILF's to etch into that sick demented little brain of yours to wank to when you get home. You come up with your own fantasies while playing with that thing you call a cock, then to be extra naughty you slide a finger in your ass because you know that's what a Bitch like me would have you do. Then, you think "Damn, what else would she have me do?". Stop thinking, it's not you.
I'd have you on your knees licking and sucking whatever I tell you to.
You'll do anything even give up control of what you call a life. You hear those so called "men" say, "I wouldn't suck dick for a million dollars", you laugh and agree and throw in, "fucking fag" but deep down
you would suck a dick and balls for a whiff of my panties.
You would be nothing more than a plaything for my enjoyment,
mm I do enjoy you little bastards.
The thought of me watching you suck a dick while I rub my wet pussy and tell you you're a good boy, it's enough to make you bust a nut right now. After you taken a shot in the face, you might get to lick my ass so I can also cum on your face.
If your lucky I'll let you stroke off and cum on my thigh high boots.
But make no mistake, you will lick it off. And while you lay there on your back
I will stand over your cum drenched face. "Why?", you ask? Because your thankful I let you.
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