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PRINCESS SKYE has been a member since 07/11/2007
In order to keep Me happy, you will have to learn to live by one phrase "My number one goal and reason in life is pleasing Princess Skye!"

You are not even worthy of calling Me and talking to Me at the rate that I charge here, it is just a charitable gesture on My part to guide you in the right direction from your pathetic meaningless existence to being useful to the one magnificent person who matters, ME, of course!

I am a superior greedy egocentric selfish narcissist, who has been spoiled and catered to My entire life. I am all about Me and getting whatever I want! Now, you are lucky enough to get to spoil Me. It is a major honor and a privilege, so you better appreciate it! You can be My useful new human toy.

Do you feel alone? Depressed? Rejected? Worthless? Pathetic? Confused? Princess Skye is here to exploit those pathetic feelings and take everything from you forever! You will learn to live, breathe and work for Me! Your vulnerability is My asset.

This is your first step in the right direction in your so-called life. Make this all important step and call Princess Skye and tell Me everything! Reveal all your secrets, confess everything...this is what you need to do! After all, it is so much easier to mess with your feeble little mind when I know more about you. So, tell Me everything, loser. I will listen to your info and make great use of it, haha.

Do you need Princess Skye?

The only thing you are good for is being used for the money you send and the amusement you provide by being your obedient pathetic little sissy self (I enjoy putting losers in chastity and feminizing little bitches).

If you are brave enough to start talking to Me, I am the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to you and you will love Me for it! Right, pig?!!

Calling Me is not cheap, but it is worth that and more. In fact, when you call, you should be begging Me to raise the price, it is good for you! It is just too bad that the price per minute can only go so high, but don't worry, there are buttons you can press at the bottom of this listing to give more. That is good for you, too! :)

Are you a cheap loser who needs to drink alcohol or be forcefully intoxicated or blackmailed in order to give your money away, then you better have the liquor ready when you call, cheap freak. Because if I need to force you to do drink in order to send Me money, I will take you for even more! You will pay for your cheapness and you will thank Me for it!

You will see My mesmerizing beauty and hear My gorgeous laugh and My addictive voice, and you will be My victim and possession forever, hehe, just another one of the broken hearted fools who gives Me everything, hoping that I will care just a little about their pathetic selves.

Well, losers, do you know what I do care about? I care about living in the lap of luxury that is financed by little freaks like you, by financial slaves, money piggies, piggy banks, depressed pathetic rejects, cash cows, feminized sissy bitches, human atms and wallets who send Me all their money while they are eating bologna sandwiches at home, haha. That is how it should be. And you will learn to understand that this is how things are supposed to be. A superior being like Myself is supposed to live lavishly like the Princess that I am while you are to live like a pauper because all your money goes to Me. That makes Me smile and you know My smile or laugh or giggle is worth all your anguish, right, bitch?!!

By the way, if you send Me messages begging Me to lower the rate for whatever reason (your wife, when you get paid, your bills, illness, family, anything else about your pathetic life, blah, blah..), if you really think I will even consider lowering it, you are completely delusional. It is certainly acceptable and encouraged for you to ask Me to raise the rate for you, however. I enjoy that and after all, it is all about ME and what I want and what I get! Remember that always! You need to show Me how grateful you are to be used by Me, so press the buttons, loser. Now!