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OweMyGoddess has been a member since 10/20/2003

About Me

NYC I am Danielle dv8.

Those with a desire to be in My service usually address Me as Goddess Danielle.

I will not reply to you on Skype until we are live on the phone. If you call me on Skype before we are live on the phone you will be blocked.

It is likely that you have never met a creature living as sexual and sensual a life as me.

I am the Matriarch of House dv8, a 24/7 BDSM, Polyamorous family in Houston, TX.

Nearly every room in our home is equipped with S/M equipment and dungeon toys.


I am exceptionally knowledgeable in the art and science of BDSM. I am also beautiful. I have a sexual power that brings MEN to their certainly a sissy stands no chance. As a result, I am worshiped by excellent subs, many of whom have been serving me for years, however, I am far from one dimensional. I would like callers to get to experience what it is like to truly be a part of My life because it is exceptional, rare, passionate, kinky and in some cases, twisted and disturbing.

GDanielle When you call me, you are stepping into My world. I want you ready, and that means knowing what you are getting into. Although I am Dominant to most (including you), I am a lifestyle slave. I live my life as a sexual servant to an incredible male Master. I am also bi-sexual, a masochist, a sadist, a hedonist, and exhibitionist, a voyeur and much more. We fuck many times a day and it is always sadistic and intense and I am the one being used and abused.

All that use has me sexually aroused all the time, and constantly developing new ways of putting you to use for My pleasure and amusement.

In other words, BE READY, because I promise you, I am.

Have your toys cleaned and immediately accessible. Prepare your body as necessary. Be ready to BEG for anything and everything you desire, and be prepared to earn it, get it, or be denied.

This is your opportunity to personally care for a beautiful, young, powerful girl that is an expert in kink on either side of the power exchange. What could possibly be better?

My Favorites
(In no particular order.)

Cuckolds The more self degrading you can be the better. Beautiful women, like myself need a REAL Man...the best you could hope for is to fluff Him for me.
Fluffers, cleaners,
Be greedy, devour Him, beg Him to fuck Your face. Feel good in your heart that you are preparing that cock so that i can be ravaged.
Ass worship My tight rear end needs a great deal of care...worship is the key word. i want to feel how much you love having your tongue in my dirtiest spot!
Foot/shoe worship My feet are a highly erotic part of my body. They are extremely sensitive and my body responds beautifully. I own over 100 pairs of fetish heels and wear them everyday, so my feet not only enjoy the care, they need it!
Dungeon sessions We are kinkysexual experts to the max. We own thousands of SM toys and equipment and know exactly how to use them. Are you ready?
From the basics to the extreme, i am an expert and turning boys into girls and then into sluts. After all, you didn't want to be a good girl did you?
Public humiliation I want to do this for real...if you are only up to the fantasy you are not ready for me. Get out in public and give me a call. It works especially well if their are people around you can put me on the phone with.
Physical, Verbal, Situational. In every way I can, I want to. I love this and if you love it, you are going to be an addict in no time!
Personal service I am an amateur porn star, a producer/director/performer in high fetish videography/photography, and a fetish model. Since I am always being used for filming and photos, i need a great deal of personal care! Wash, massage and apply lotion to all my sore and used body parts. Attend to my aching feet from wearing sexy high heels, rubbing and sucking exactly how i teach you. Worship my incredible little asshole according to my detailed directions. Groom me, dress me, or undress me as required.

I offer a variety of possibilities as to what kind of call we can do. You can speak with me on the phone alone or with Master Dan, you can see me on CAM alone or with Master Dan, you can even be ignored, or become a contributor to our film productions. Occasionally we have other friends here as well. Browse the chart below, click on the various choices and read them. There is a chart on every listing so you can't get lost! Keep exploring until you find what you want.