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MistressSherryElizabeth has been a member since 07/06/2006

The PERFECT MIND WALLET AND COCK CONTROL!!! $top drooling and $tart paying
Hello, I'm the one and only Mistress Sherry Elizabeth.. I know you look at my page often, in fact, i know a lot about you! But it is about Me so lets begin there..
I love many fetishes but Financial Domination is one of my favorites. The Feeling I get having a sub begging to pay, begging to spend is just amazing! I love the feeling of power and control I have. For Me, Financial Domination is much deeper than the cash. Dont get me wrong, i enjoy a good drive-by wallet fuck!

But I think one of my personal fetishes is getting in your head. I really enjoy planting thoughts in your mind and taking control of your thoughts. To me it is pretty easy, every time you touch your cock you will crave jerking for my perfect greed. You cant help but get hard, i know this. The feeling you get when you submit is the best high. Heart racing head spinning body tingling and cock oh so hard. Every time you touch your wallet, feeling it in your hand you will crave paying Mistress Sherry Elizabeth. It is in your head, the next time you touch it you will remember reading this.. ahh, then the craving WILL START AGAIN! Maybe you dont understand why this happens but maybe you dont need to. Just accepting yourself for who you are is always best. I find many subs are very scared of me and many never even contact me out of fear!

Look at me, what is there to be scared of? Ah, is it the fact you know the hard wallet fucks ive done? How a sub can call me at 2.99 per minute and find himself begging me to raise the rate, begging me not to hang up. Ah is it the fast this sub blew $33,000.00 in just a short time? Maybe you've heard of some of the things Ive done to my other subs that scares you.. I have one that is so mind fucked and addicted he really would do anything for me. He has lavished me with many wonderful things, from designer dresses and heels to diamonds and furs.

Maybe its my best bitch you've read about? I so enjoy my time with her and her oh so kinky mind!
I love what I have with each and every sub. One thing you dont know is how I do allow some to serve me with little cash. I think it all comes down to if i click with them. I have ignored many over time but if i feel you dont belong to me theres no point in taking the extra time to train you.

I do use several sluts you see their names on every dommes feedback. I enjoy them but the rush isnt the same. But understanding some men were just born sluts .. ah but are they? Maybe they just arnt ready to take that next step down the path. But i can promise the rush and high is only greater when you do. Once you take the step with Mistress Sherry Elizabeth the fears slowly leave, no more guilt. The only guilt you have is the feeling you havnt done enough for your Mistress! There is no more guilt of all the cash you blow. The feeling can only be understood by the ones thats taken this path with Me.

Another thing you will find out about your NEW Mistress, yes, I do plan to own you so pay close attention!
I think the better you understand your Mistress the better you can serve her. Knowing I do love financial domination as well as many other things is good. I enjoy many fetishes, I love humiliation, smoking fetishes, foot shoe and boot fetishes. I enjoy head games to no end lol I also have found i enjoy home wrecking. I think its better for your training when you put your Mistress ahead of the wife.

I do enjoy many types of videos too, I have several sets that do very well and other cool ideas in the works! My First National Bank of Wank has several great videos to pick from. If you are still unsure this is the rght path maybe you should start with my findom therapy videos. My therapy isnt here to cure you as there is no cure. It will help you understand if you are indeed a finslave and it will help you understand how to make the m ost of it and accept your place in life. There are some who already know their place and should start with some of the videos below :)

At the First National Bank of Wank we aim to meet all your wanking needs! The Bank of Wank loves keeping your dick hard, your head spinning, and your wallet empty!

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At the First National Bank of Wank we aim to meet all your wanking needs! The Bank of Wank loves keeping your dick hard, your head spinning, and your wallet empty!

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