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$Obey & Serve$

This is a long term commitment that you are making to me. Taking this step with me will alter your life forever in many ways. You will be a better person for it. There are a few things men like yourself need to be taught in this world. And I am going to show you the way. My way or the highway... Clear?

I am going to spend a lot of time guiding your life, your spending, your health, your eating, your shopping, etc. If you are not willing to give it all don't even bother trying to become my slave.

There are no reasons why a "man" like you should have material things. Those are really useless to your lifestyle but really useful to mine. You will be left with the minimum and the rest will be going to me. Why? Because you beg me to!! You want to give me everything you have! Because I am your Mistress, because you cherish me, because you want to lavish me with all the things that I want to have! This will make me happy and that will make you happy! If I am unhappy you are also unhappy! So keep me happy with your money. I will show you how and tell you what to do.

If you fail to obey me you will be sent to the dump! Should you have regrets you might be able to buy your way out of the dumpster... Maybe! You better have lots of money to buy your way out though! I suggest you don't screw up in the first place.

  • You will pay to fill out my questionnaire so that I can study your level of slavery
  • If you are accepted as my money slave I will build you a custom slavery plan
  • I will give you tasks to accomplish according to your personal level of slavery
  • I will guide your financial life
  • Overtime I will take control of your wallet
  • You will lavish me with everything you have
  • You will be left with the minimum you need to keep earning my money
  • Your lifestyle will diminish, mine will embellish
  • Proven Good slaves will be given treats... If you deserve it...

If you read all this then you have passed the First Test... You are on your way to My Slavery... Next I want to see if you can follow instructions. You need to request my Keen Mail Questionnaire. Send me an email through Keen requesting it. Fill it out and send it back through Keen. If I accept you as my slave I will give you permission to call me. If you call me before even reading all this and filling out my questionnaire I will certainly make you feel like a piece of crap before hanging up on you. That does not mean that you failed in being my slave. No this is for my own amusement! I think it is really stupid and funny that you want to be my slave without even reading what I am all about!

Mistress Angelique