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If you only call me one time to quickly rub one out, wonderful. But if you're looking for someone to call on a more regular basis, someone who really gets to know you, then it might be helpful for you to understand not only who I am, but my skill set and experience as a performer.

I believe most of my callers connect with me because I am understanding, caring, sincere, and listen attentively. I'd like you to consider our call to be a safe container in which to share your most private thoughts and fantasies, no matter how unusual, disturbing, or humiliating they may feel.

I'm a professional and I love connecting with my callers. My listings reflect many of my own interests. I believe that comes through to you during our calls, because phone sex, while anonymous, is also intensely intimate. It's a mental and aural glory hole through which we can share the naughtiest parts of ourselves. I learned quickly that faking my enjoyment served no one, and you deserve a partner who is dripping with enthusiasm. So please trust my sincerity when I tell you that our conversation is my pleasure!

For our phone date to go well, I'd like you to tell me what type of experience you're seeking. I will reflect back to you what I understood, ask questions, and determine if I can offer it to you. Maybe you're a little shy-- if so, you'll see many comments in my feedback about how easy it is to talk to me. I do refer out to other flirts, so if I feel you might be better suited to another of NiteFlirt's finest, I'm happy to usher you to someone who can take better care of you. If it turns out that I'm not your cup of tea or if my voice and my mind don't make your naughty bits quiver with lust, please don't hesitate to end the call politely or request a referral. I will never give you a hard time about calling someone else.

I've spent many hours immersed in virtual chat rooms, exploring the fantastical realms of the imagination, and building skills as an uninhibited role player. I love science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and horror, in fiction, comic books, graphic novels, television and film. I adore an imaginative tale, whether it involves the horror of your Roissy enslavement in 1950s France, how you were cast as Betty Draper in your community college production of Mad Men, or the humiliating fate of a male slave on a planet dominated by Amazon women. I'm your ready companion, enthralled by your inventive mind.

Despite hours of online geekery, my real sex life is also quite adventurous. My rich erotic experience informs the detail of my descriptive sexual vocabulary. I've been a BDSM scene player for over 5 years. I frequent kinky workshops, conventions and dungeon parties. As a consequence, I may be difficult to reach on Friday and Saturday nights. If I'm not around, it's safe to imagine that I'm doing things that you might only dream about. Bondage, whips, floggers, leather, rope, cock and ball torture, tease and denial, orgasm control, chastity and key holding, strap on sex, gender fuckery, 3somes, 4somes and all out orgies are all part of my sexual reality.

Despite having a busy life, I'm available on NiteFlirt regularly, with six years of phone sex experience under the elastic of my silky panties. Aside from the year I took away to complete my thesis, you will find consistent feedback on my listings. I get a little thrill when you add your own feedback, a memento of our call, like a cum stain on my listing. I've been awarded Top Performer Gold, Silver or Bronze for every pay period in which I've been regularly talking calls, putting me in the top earning percentiles. While I can be difficult to reach at peak times due to my popularity, most of my regular callers are able to reach me.

I'm out as a phone sex operator as well as a bisexual, sex positive kinkster. Given that I was raised in the conservative Midwest, I have taken great risks to openly enjoy an alternative lifestyle. With my background, I can support you and help you identify realistic and creative solutions to help you break through whatever is holding you back from enjoying the happy, fulfilling, sexy life that you deserve.

As far as limits: I love playing the role of sadistic, ice queen, but please look elsewhere if you are seeking genuine abuse or destructive emotional manipulation. I more apt to indulge a freaky request but may not tolerate a sneaky demand, so please negotiate anything I might likely balk at up front. I won't judge you if you want to cheat, spend all of your money on phone sex, or expose yourself, but I consider you to be responsible for your own ethical, financial, and legal obligations. I am a strong proponent of safer sex practices, so while barebacking might be hot in a fantasy, I recommend condom use as well as PREP, especially if you have other partners whose health may be affected.

Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you soon!