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Yes, I am 100% REAL! Follow Me on Twitter @EvilAprilSnow <3

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Any Day Spent Not Worshiping Me is a Day That You Have Wasted...

Some consider me a "home-wrecker" Perhaps I am. However, take into consideration that my pets are more satisfied serving me than they ever were in their empty, boring, and pointless marriages. Some have accused me of being a demon. I imagine it really depends on your definition of "demon." Some say I am cruel, I don't deny it. I am cruel and sadistic, and if you are here...chances are your pathetic prick is hardening at the very thought of it.

Hello There, my name is April Snow. However, you will be calling Me Ma'am- or Mistress or Master....whatever comes out of your mouth most naturally. It doesn't matter to me, I go by many long as you understand this: As my slave, you will be emotionally and physically dependent on providing every wish and desire for Me. You will quickly realize; I don't need you, but you need Me. Your feelings are not important. Your opinion is irrelevant. I am your Master now.

You want to be trained, to transformed into my obdient pet. In order for this to happen, your brain must be cleansed. You will learn to love pain. You will love suffering for me for than any sort of pleasure you've previously experienced.

I'm not just a fantasy. I will push your limits into the real world -- way beyond where you're ready to go. If you dream about being turned into a faggot, I WILL make you go out and suck cock. You'll be on your knees getting face-fucked by a stranger, wondering, "How did I get myself into this?

I'm not an actress -- I'm a truly dominant and completely independent bitch. I get wicked turned-on by transforming rich cocky guys into sissies and wimps. I used to be a PT full time, and I still have a handful of clients I fit into my busy "vanilla" schedule. Overweight men disgust me, so I particularly enjoy humiliating out-of-shape doughboys. Some of my regular customers have lost insane amounts of weight, and I'd be happy to be your dominatrix/fitness coach if you're interested in taking a new approach to weight loss. I've forced many guys to keep me on the phone or webcam while they actually slurp up a stranger's cum. I will make you wear panties. You will do things that will give you the delicious shame we both know you deserve. I thoroughly enjoy stripping away every last shred of dignity you once had. Funny thing is, the more I take from you, the more I want. My goal is to totally brainwash you into becoming my zombified, panty wearing slave, who no longer sees any point in thinking for himself. I want to completely own you. You want to be completely owned.

Every thought you have will be of pleasing me. Every penny you earn will be brought to me and placed at my feet. You will wake up in the morning- thinking about me, you will go to bed in order to fall asleep and dream about me. I want total control of you, your thoughts. your sex life, your money, your free will, everything. Owning men makes my pussy wet. There's nothing quite as satisfying as knowing that my slave happily brings me money that he used to spend on his wife/girlfriend/whomever because he understands that I deserve it more.

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