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 My subjects come to me to be owned, to submit themselves to my will, and to offer themselves for my amusement and convenience. Their desires are put into service for my benefit and the betterment of themselves as my subject. ?I am at my extremes both a sadist and nurturing mentor. I take pleasure in your distress, be it physical, or mental. I find joy in bringing out the true natures in my subjects, addressing your longing for a Power beyond yourself to reign over you and open you up to the play you crave. I believe submission is a life changing exchange of power, a lesson each time you surrender and I feel BDSM play is meant to be a positive learning experience and a way to let go of daily stresses. It can be an outlet for your imagination and a way for you to get to know yourself and grow spiritually and emotionally. Through service, training and play, I will guide you into the world of our fantasies, taking your desires, fears and needs into consideration and bending them to my will for our pleasure and personal benefit.? I like to leave my subjects in a better condition as a submissive than when they first come to me through promoting healthy communication habits and service routines with the use of discipline, positive reinforcement and training for personal betterment. I appreciate a well maintained servile attitude and derive pleasure from helping form novices and the experienced alike into my ideal subject for play and service. I want to help you grow in your submission, I want to have fun, and I want to know that you are being enriched personally.