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I am an Exotic Concoction of Puerto Rican and Spaniard; Blue Blood Descent; sangre azul. I take immense pride in my heritage, rich in its culture. I speak Spanish Fluently, however, English is my first language. Latin Women are some of the Most Beautiful Women in the World, and I am no exception. My beauty does not solely lie in my physical attributes. Contrary to belief, I have a compassionate heart towards my loved ones, and I actively involved in various charitable or philanthropic activities. At the tender age of seven, it was discovered by my teachers that I was intellectually gifted. My I.Q. tests revealed that I am a Prodigy. I am indeed formally educated and graduated from a top University, cum laude, and proudly accepted into the most famous High-IQ Society in the world. I am a modern-day Renaissance woman; Well traveled, street savvy, quick-witted, and definitely wise beyond my years. I am a complex girl drawn off of simplicity. I am very REAL on every level. Never mistake me for a typical NiteFlirt Bimbo. When you speak with me just know that this is more than a fantasy, this is an Authentic Experience.

After one encounter, men (and women) begin to find themselves Magnetically Drawn To Me. Could it be My Hypnotic Green-Eyes? My Seductive Speech? My Alluring Smile? Or is it the Swagger in my Stride when I Enter a Room? Perhaps, its the provocative energy which I exude, so profound that it cannot be ignored. I am told often that I am an "Enigma," a Mystery many wish to unravel, but you never will.

I have been bi-coastal my entire life, living in both California and New York. I currently rest my head in a Swanky, High Rise Apartment located in the heart of Los Angeles, Cali, with all the amenities a girl could want. I live Rent Free courtesy of one of my clients, a Billionaire Real Estate Tycoon who just so happens to own this building. I work part time in the Entertainment Industry on an Executive Level, and have done so for many years. I have been wined and dined by some of Hollywood's Elite. Some of my closest friends are celebrities. Although I do enjoy my privacy, I have often graced the Red Carpet with my presence, rubbing shoulders with A-Listers in "Tinsel Town." Although I am often seen surrounded by Elitists, I also appreciate the REALNESS of urban culture and immerse myself amongst artistically creative and culturally diverse people.

I am the definition of what it means to be a Power Player. I revel in Swimming With The Sharks. I joined NiteFlirt to use as an EROTIC SUPPLEMENT for my SADISTIC BEHAVIOR. I'm by NO MEANS some "teeny bopper," pseudo-domme like the majority of those other NiteFlirt Girls. I am a professional fin domme and certified Neuro-Linguistics Master Practitioner, skilled in the art of sensual mind fuckery.


Now that you have been well-acquainted with your Princess, Please feel FREE to CHOOSE YOUR POISON BELOW! Call the listing that specifically applies to your tastes.


Princess Anais