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Head Girl has been a member since 01/19/2007

I'm the kind of girl that likes to get in your head and learn all your little secrets. I want to know what turns you on and what turns you off. I want to know what makes you smile and makes you mad. Once I learn it all I will deliberately push your buttons to get reactions. I guess this makes me want to be in control. I don't really consider myself a controlling person though. I just like to see people react, feel and live. Sometimes it's a good thing to get mad and scream, just let it all out. Other times it's a great thing to be so turned on that you feel like you're going to go insane if you don't just shoot your load, and now! So, that's me. I'm the girl that will make you feel

I have two part-time jobs. I'm the check in clerk at a local hotel and I work at a book store.

I love both of my jobs for different reasons. At the hotel I am able to interact with people and at the book store I get to read up on all the mind games I like to play. At both jobs I have a lot of free time to think and contemplate, whether it's just life in general, what I'm going to have for dinner or how I'm going to fuck myself when I get home.

I love sucking cock. I'd say that is probably my favorite sexual activity. I love it because, well, I just do. I'm a cock slut like that. I love feeling like a dirty girl and having cum all over me or in me. Some people say it's that control thing again coming out, but I'm not always in control when giving head. Sometimes I'm on the bottom with the man on top of me, gagging me with his throbbing, rock hard cock. It makes me a little nervous, but I love it. I get off on it being forced down my throat.

Why don't you call me and we can get into each other's head, find out what really gets each other going and then just go there. I am in need of a good fuck buddy, a great friend and someone I can t