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GoddessKasha has been a member since 11/29/2007
I am Kasha Shakti, a lifestyle goddess seeking a goddess lifestyle. I believe that the Universe is a good place and wants us to be happy. I believe I am at my best, most giving, most inspiring when acting as an ideal object for love and worship. I am lucky enough to be aware how satisfying it can be to certain others to spoil and adore a living goddess. I am fulfilled and empowered through devotion, I crave and require all sorts of different worship. I do not back down from acknowledging my own divinity and the divinity of others. I am certain that consensual manipulation between two adults can be a beautiful, magical and intensely erotic experience. I am fierce in my pursuit of doing exactly what I want in every moment, and trying for 100 percent avoidance of anything I don’t want to do. I do my best to live a Radically Honest lifestyle and that more than anything else keeps me sane. (Sane enough, anyway!) I am an Artist and I am my greatest work, always changing, always improving, always perfect just the way I am. I am a mystery of stacked simplicities, an honest answer that creates a web of new questions. A Trickster born and a Trickster raised, I rarely claim to be a shaman but I certainly do love being able to attract the type. Oh, sexy, sexy shaman! For any goddess out there on the prowl for the best male lovers in existence, trust me, the Marlboro Man is out and the Medicine Man is in! I am such a geek. I might as well have out with it, I’m a goddess, I can be a geek if I want to! I love sci-fi and role playing games, games of all types actually. I have been known to read a comic book here and there, and Princess Leia is the earliest female big screen role model I recall. I love, love card games and get super nerdy about bridge and poker. I am willing to believe almost anything for the purposes of having a conversation with a person who believes that thing. Not pretend to believe it. I also maintain the capacity to believe two contradictory things at the same time without losing my mind. I am the grain of sand from which I can imagine the entire Universe. I am a complicated creature with Epic Abilities that far outweigh the Epic Flaws that also define me. I am fully myself, for myself, and that is what I have to give to others.

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