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Goddess XXX has been a member since 02/24/2008
Welcome to the Chambers
of the
Goddess XxX
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Pleased to meet you Hope you guess my name But what's puzzling you Is the nature of my game - Rolling Stones

(this is non negotiable)

Sex Magic
Erotic Hypnosis
Sacred Sexuality
The Occult & Spiritual Arts
Are a few of my specialties.
I am open, versatile, and willing to embrace you,
Yes, I am available for readings, healing, & spiritual services.
May it be noted, that rates will change, depending on services.

FEEDBACK 07/12/2011 yes2you sigh...Goddess XXX is magical.... Anything Goes 06/29/2011 gsufan2000 The Goddess knows how to reach deep into your intermost thoughts pulls your resistance out of you until you are drained! Anything Goes 06/28/2011 hypnome I must please Goddess. I must do what she has programmed me to do. She tells me what to think and how to please her. I must obey Goddess. Anything Goes 06/06/2011 Genszombiegeek I'm finding that I'm referring to myself in the third person, "Zombie needs to take out the trash,Zombie needs to get lunch". Every time I do I get excited, happier and also calmer. It settles me down and focuses me on the tasks at hand. Anything Goes 06/07/2011 Genszombiegeek The phone call this morning left me with a smile stuck on my face. The wonderful fog in the back of my brain keeps our conversation just on the edge of my's an amazing feeling.

My Practice is neutral.
I believe in keeping the balance, and do not take/play sides.
A natural Programer & Trainer.
Highly Skilled and Well Seasoned.
You can thank my Masters, Teachers, and Trainers for this.
For each of them, have me under their wings,
consistently giving me, the very best of them.
To be a Master, you are first a Student. When you become the Master, your students, teach you more and more each day.

In Life, Business, Sexuality and any other area of your life.
You choose, and I will weave what I feel is best.

Choose wisely, for Once you are mine,
there is no going back.
You can be mine for the moment, or for a lifetime
I play fair. And refuse to sell out on you. Once you pass the Threshold.
Your Life WILL transform.
The beauty of placing your trust, in an Alchemist.

I am a Professional. This is my lifestyle, and practice.
I am NOT for entertainment purposes only. We can most definitely, have a good time.
Understand, I am NOT for the FAINT of Heart.
I have provided my services on Night Flirt for years.
There is no comparison.
There are several flirts who have consulted me for a variety of reasons.
You old timers out there, no exactly who I am.
We have come a long way.
I retired for a while ( A spiritual rebirth) and now I have returned.
I look forward to speaking with you
and learning more about how our lives, will enrich each other.

I honor your light
I honor your dark
and I honor the Goddess and God within you.
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Great Call and wonderful woman. You should give her a ring but be careful because she will change how you see the world. Anything Goes 07/25/2011 taken Wonderful Call. The real thing Anything Goes 07/31/2011 dw7720 Anything Goes 07/21/2011 taken An amazing call. Made my toes curl and spin shake. Goddess is an amazing women with incredible powers. Anything Goes 07/17/2011 taken A great service that allows Goddess insight to your thoughts and made our call one of the most erotic and rewarding experiences of my life. Anything Goes 07/19/2011 taken Goddess XxX is a wonderful, intelligent and masterful woman. Todays call was amazing and laid the foundation for me to better understand myself through service to this amazing Goddess. A must call as she will touch your soul. Anything Goes 07/17/2011 lebaron1957 Goddess told me after the call that this was just trying to find a little more about me. if thats the case, i can't wait for the next call. Goddess makes me feel wonderful Anything Goes 07/16/2011 lebaron1957 take Her quiz. this is one very intelligent Goddess and after the last call all i can think of is calling Her again Anything Goes 07/17/2011 lebaron1957 i feel so great and ready to go and face the world and win after talking to Goddess. She is fantastic Anything Goes 07/16/2011 lebaron1957 absolutely amazing. first call and it feels like i've known Her forever and all i can think of is getting back to Her