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Goddess Hina has been a member since 05/10/2015
imageimage I am Goddess Naomi. I reside in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Frankfurt, Germany and I travel frequently around the world, especially parts of Europe and the US so I have foot slaves all over the world (online and real time). I have perfect, size 10 US feet or 41 EUR, which makes them 9.0 inches long! I like to use my feet to get what I want in life. I allow foot boys to worship my high arches, smooth skin and all ten of my gorgeous little toes. I am spoiled but I know what I want. I like to keep slaves around to keep me happy. Note: I am NOT a pro-domme. I simply believe that I am giving my time to you and you are keeping me in the lifestyle I enjoy. You will see your money as a way to put a smile on my face and to make me happy, and there is no better way your money can be spent than towards my happiness and well being. My tributes have also helped me pay for my further education in new fetishes, shoes, pedicures, and other wonderful things in my life. I have experience in many facets of BDSM and I enjoy the psychology of it to get what I want in life, using my feet as a tool to manipulate, humiliate and tantalize my foot boys into serving me daily and doing whatever I please. Although I am a dominatrix, I consider myself to be very laid back and approachable. But I do have a bossy/bitchy side that comes out when the mood strikes. I also have a very silly and goofy side that I show a lot. I also like to talk about other topics besides feet, so I really like when a sub lays out all his wishes or has other layers to his personality besides the fetish itself. I like when subs make requests if it’s done politely and tactfully. I like knowing your interests and limits upfront. Don’t make me guess! My time is valuable, so above all, don’t waste a second of my time. I’ll get a feel pretty quickly if I think it will work out between us or not, so be upfront and honest to expedite that process. If I don’t think we are a good fit, I may know someone else who is, so just be real with me. Some of the things I enjoy include… shoe shopping (obvi!), BDSM/kink parties, pedicures, having my feet massaged for hours, my feet licked for hours, my feet kissed, my toes painted/pedicures (it’s easier than you think!), my feet in photos or vids (love to show them off to the world!), crushing/trampling food or objects with my feet, popping balloons with my heels, stepping on your face or body with my big feet, making you suck or gag on my feet or heels, making you eat off the floor with my foot in the plate, stepping on your food before you eat it, making you lick food off my feet, making you clean my dirty feet, socks and shoes with your tongue and/or soapy water, CBT, cross dressing boys (making them wear my makeup or clothes) and overall being a Goddess while you wait on me… hand and *foot* A note about me… this is non-sexual for me. I enjoy my dominant side and expressing myself in this way but I will ALWAYS remain clothed. I love doing this because I have beautiful feet and I have traveled the world and met a lot of amazing people. It’s fun, so you should be ready to enjoy yourself but not to get off when I’m around because I’m not interested in anything but foot worship. If you would like to get off, I can different sessions with instructions. Don’t feel shy about contacting me, even if this is your first time. So, that’s the deal. If you want to know anything else, ask politely by emailing me at Financial Domination – because I am your Goddess. Sissyfication – I can make you female. Just follow your Mistress. Crushing – My feet crushing a creamy cake. So sensual. Hypnosis – listen to my words. A seductive way to serve your Mistress. ASMR – Whispers, tapping, sensations… Smoking – Watching your Goddess exhale, watching her lips how they touch the tip of… Feet – On your knees and worship my feet…now! Legs – you dream of long legs,…watch this! Humiliation – not the tasteless kind. No, I am talking about the kind of humilitation, which makes you come back for more. Feeding; Gaining: Need a meal plan. The Goddess will get you in shape. Facesitting – I will be using your face as a throne. In position, slave. Bra, panties, stockings – what more can one ask for? Hair brushing – stroking beautiful, luscious hair. Goddess hair. Contact me for your custom video. Inhale me, smoke me, inject recovery. Goddess Naomi