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Psychology: any object or nongenital part of the body
that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

Does this sound like you? Do you get obsesse by, for example,
a very large pair of breasts? Do you stare? Do you fantasize about
them, how you would touch them, caress them, and dare to put
your mouth on the? Maybe even put your hard dick between them,
cum all over them? Now here's where it gets tricky...what would you
do THEN?? Some men BEG to lick their own cum off of them, have
you even indulged? It can be very erotic, this fetish of eating your
own cum, off her breasts or straight out of her pussy...even cuming
in her mouth then swapping it to your own mouth? Hmmmm...

There are many fetishes we could explore together, even some that
are very obscure or bizarre to other women don't fathom me, I love
to strenghthen our bond by figuring out what you love, then being
able to bring you to an explosive orgasm by satisfying your fetish.

Some of the fetishes *I* love to play with are as follows:

Forced Intoxication ~ love to make you guzzle until you're so
buzzed you'll do anything I tell you to do, drinking games.

Small penis humiliation ~ tell me, do you think it's in yet??
Because I can't feel it, is it even hard? Can you show it to me?

BDSM ~ You had BETTER behave, unruly behavior will get
you slapped into next week...or a good punch to the balls!!

Cocksucking ~ Lots of guys *gag* at the thought of sucking a
big hard cock...but not you...I'll teach you how to be the best!

Cuckold ~ YOU know why she's out every weekend, but you
hate to admit're not MAN enough for her, correct??

Big Tit Fetish ~ Well, you just need to look at me to know that
I can satisfy any man that loves big breasts, know what I mean?

Body Worship ~ I'll tell you alllll about my hot body in tantalizing
detail, what body part are you interesting in knowing more about?

Dungeon Sex ~ Love to torment your dick and balls with my
special brand of torture...tease and denial, blindfold fun!!

So these are just a few of the fetishes that I love,
call me anytime and we can explore your fetishes!