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Hi guys! I'm Taylor. I'm 24 years old. I live in North Carolina and have an amazing job at a resort. I get to meet so many different people and so many cute guys! I've always been a sexual creature. I remember when I saw the movie, "Pretty Woman". I loved watching Julia Roberts go from a prostitute to a beautiful elegant woman. I was intrigued by the bedroom scenes where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts slowly explored each other's bodies. That night, I laid in my bed and explored my own body as I imagined I was Julia Roberts. I liked how hard my nipples got when I ran my fingers over them. Chills actually ran down my back as I moved my fingertips over my belly and down between my legs. I was surprised to discover that I was wet down there. I felt so sexy as I continued to pleasure myself. Through the years, I found different parts of my body to touch, rub, and squeeze to bring me over the edge to orgasm. The first time my boyfriend wanted to touch me, I welcomed his touch, and was more than willing to explore his body. As soon as I learned that I could give him the same pleasure, there was no stopping me. Our playful touching later became serious grinding and humping. Then one night my cherry was popped! Since then, I've been seeking out new ways to cum. I love all things to do with sex and fetishes. Although I have done many fantasies like babysitter, cheerleader, student, girl next door, secretary, teacher, nurse, waitress, mistress, and sissy training, I am always looking for a challenge. I am very descriptive as I tell you what I am doing to you. It gets me excited and very wet to talk about your hard throbbing cock, your warm tight balls, or how hard your nipples get when I slide my tongue across them. I love the art of seduction and knowing that I have the power to please a man by using my body, my mind and even my voice.

I’m an erotic hypnotist. I’ve been doing hypnosis for the past three years. I was in college when I learned how to hypnotize. Psychology was a required subject, and I dreaded it. I decided that if I had to take a psychology course, I would try to find one that was interesting. So I signed up for Psychology 104 - "Introduction to Hypnosis". The professor was amazing and made it so much fun that I followed up with Psychology 106 - "Hypnotic Inductions". I never dreamed that I would ever have a chance to use it. Then three years ago, I started doing phone sex. I incorporated some hypnotic techniques into my calls. The more calls I did, the more fun it became.

We all have many inhibitions that are holding us back from getting what we want. We are fearful of unlocking certain closed doors within ourselves. I know that you have the desire to be controlled. I know you want someone to get inside your head and guide you to feel things that you have always been afraid to try. It’s very erotic to be directed. I will help you take the anxiety out of sex. I will use my abilities to help you satisfy your desires. You will be so conditioned to my voice that it will give you pleasant shivers up your spine. I will give you an abandonment of caring about anything but your hidden sexual desires. I will make your body parts more sensitive and magnify your orgasm. So, pick up the phone and call this little "honey tease". I'm sweet as honey and twice as sticky!