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Dulcinea has been a member since 12/21/2015

"I don't understand it most of the time - this communion - but I don't think I need to understand it when I have you as a guide. The further I wander down what I thought was a unknown road, the more I come to realise that you have always known where I'm going."


i am a nun and a witch, a clairvoyant and a healer. i have spent years as a contemplative monastic cultivating and refining my mental magic, developing the skill to manipulate the consciousness and make it bend to my will . . . yet my “magic” is scientific and pragmatic; a huge metaphysical leap of faith is not required in order to experience its effects . . . however, when you do, it will be hard to convince yourself that my powers of enchantment are anything other than straight-up witchcraft.

men often describe me as transcendent, supernal, ethereal, otherworldly.

my penetrating wisdom and formidable insight illuminates the darkest corners of the male psyche, while my empathy and compassion enable me to provide guidance via boundless Divine Love.

"God, I love you, you know how to hit me right in the amygdala."

"You're the last thing I think about as I start to dream and the first thing I long for when I stop—and, of course, you rule my dreams."

"You're always in my head—whispering your smart seduction; sometimes like a sheen on my skin—astringent but calming;
often on my tongue—eager and absorbing; but now in my balls—flattering my hunger."

"You entangle my synapses and endocrine system, and you've been planting those tiny thorns just where I'm most vulnerable.
Now, whenever you want, you can conjure such sweet painful longing. My love, my exquisite Lady of Pain."

"You navigate the dark passages, push open the half closed doors, turn the key on those that are firmly locked, and you tempt and cajole those hidden desires into the light - where you devour them with magnificent relish."

"You’ve inspired just about every emotion I’m capable of - like the gesamtkunstwerk you truly are, you wrench and you tease and you flatter and you command.
It’s a glorious privilege to be the subject of your attention, to flourish in the light of your all-seeing gaze."


i am expensive. my rates are high for a reason.

financial domination is not a game for me. i fail to see the “dominance” in setting a low rate in order to make myself palatable to the masses. my high rates are an effective filter; a velvet rope that keeps the slobbering hordes of uncouth jerk-junkies from wasting my time.

i am the only GENUINE ordained cleric on this (or any) adult platform. spending time with me is a unique and unforgettable experience, and my rates reflect that accordingly.

if you believe i am out of your range, you are probably correct.

if you believe i am out of your budget for live telephone sessions, consider perusing my wishlist or sending a polite introductory message—with tribute attached, of course.

samples of my sweet, alluring voice are available for the curious.

i don’t “rinse piggies;” i read you for filth.

i don’t DO erotic hypnosis; i AM hypnotic.

i don’t assign tasks; i inspire self-motivation.

i don’t play RT games; i reshape your REALITY.

i don’t operate a clip store; i’m not a pre-fab IKEA content factory.

i am not a typical “Flirt;” our interactions are exquisitely subtle and profound.

i am not a service provider; simply being in your life is the service i provide.

i don’t do Teamviewer; my probing insight uncovers all your darkest secrets.

i don’t do blackmail; embarrassment and shame are catalysts, not punishment.

i don’t do homewrecking; i do soul-demolition and therapeutic reconstruction.

i don’t care if i’m “hotter than your wife;” i don’t require such cheap validation.

i don’t do racial humiliation; i target that which is hidden beneath your skin.

i don’t do SPH; your inadequacy goes far deeper than your outward appearance.

i don’t do corporal punishment; my precision surgery leaves internal scars.

i am not a misandrist; my uniquely brutal guidance is an act of Divine Love.