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Ok, so yeah, maybe I look a little familiar to you. Maybe you think you've seen me somewhere before, like on t.v. or something. I'm kind of a celebrity. I'm sort of famous. People love me, or love to hate me. I don't give a fuck either way. I'm a star.

See, what most people don't realize is, hot girls don't go to prison. (they don't stay there anyway!) And hot chicks definitely don't get sent to death row. That's for losers and skanks. As you can see, I am neither. While the other girls were whining because they couldn't get a decent meal, I was getting pedicures and having my hair done. Hot girls are spoiled. Even in prison.

I have NO idea how the fucking antifreeze got into my ex's Gatorade! That dried up prune of a prosecutor thought she'd make her career on my ass. But I got off on a technicality. See, technically, I was fucking my attorney (and blowing the judge. )

Oh, and by the ex REALLY had it coming. He shoulda never fucked around with my twin cousins. In the end, I guess we ALL got what we deserved. I'm not allowed to talk about the case or make money off of my "celebrity" while I'm on probation, but I do love to tease and torture guys like you.
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