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It's been a really crazy year for me! I just finished college and I'm ready to see what's out there.

I used to go to a catholic high school, where all the girls dressed alike, we couldn't wear much makeup, and we always had to act like ladies. The all-girls college wasn't much different, heavily religious, terrible repressed, but definitely didn't stifle my sexual urges! We used to try and sneak boys into the dorm, past the nuns and chaperones and have a pretty crazy time. It was when we got in really big trouble, that we just had to try and find ways to explore with just us girls *grin*.

And it wasn't until college that I starting noticing boys looking at me in a sexy way. I never considered myself "hot" and was oblivious to a lot of the embarrassing hard-ons I probably caused!

But I'm coming to grips now with my urges, and I want to play! I think now that I'm pretty good-looking, and it's exciting to think about all the sexual things I've never had the chance to do or never even heard of!

I'm very open-minded, and need someone to school me the many different ways of gratification.

It was only 6 months ago that I finally let someone take naked pictures of me. I would never have dreamed of posing nude in my earlier years, but I think it's time now to shed some of the hang-ups I used to have about sex and my body. I hope you like them, please go easy with me!

I guess what they say about the catholic school girls can be true sometimes. We're just waiting to come out of our shells, and when we do, you had better look out! They've created a hungry monster...

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