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ADELE TIME has been a member since 02/20/2001

Rest assured if you are a sissy, you’re probably quite confused at the trajectory of your life.

Now OMG you find yourself here, reading this soon to be truth beyond your wildest imagination. Maybe once you were in college and tried to earn your mancard by watching sports or trying to work-out and build a façade of manliness when you know deep down that there is a shitfest of darkness in every cell of your body screaming out, “imposter syndrome,” “imposter” “weakling” just to name 3 out of 20 other adjectives I can throw at your spineless self.

I know you, I’ve studied you. You have walked through my doors too many times whether in my school, office or here, this very second. Did you ever try to prove yourself to the outside that youre a man by the number of women you’ve bedded (but never really enjoyed), by how much alcohol you can throw down without tossing cookies , or even if your greatest achievement of earning your keep and then some? It means nothing dooesn’t it.. You’re one sloppy unhappy son of a bitch.. you on the outside is not what is inside and you have no fukcing clue how to change it.. a catepilllar, or snake who wants to shed its skin.. It’s tight, it itches, its so uncomfortable it burns..Burns so much.. How much? As much as your desire for cock that you might as well get a match, light the top of your head and feel the wax shrink whatever manliness you have left

You’re done surfing but can’t for the fuck get out of your wetsuit and you’re walking around wet (and not the fun kind wet) when everyone’s dry, nice n comfy..

So many cocks, (so little time lol) changing desire into, "just shut the fuck up and admit it already" yes you are, a "cocksucking slut"!! Think I can't make it happen? Open up for that man milk, attain your homework gargle and soon you will BE AN ADDICT FOR that manmilk ....

My programming slips by unnoticed. Your downfall is imminent. I CAN TELL YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH ME ALREADY!
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